In our #WomanPower in IT series, we welcome another #AilleronExpert – Gosia, who has gone from being a Software Tester to a Product Owner and continues growing within the LiveBank team. Find out what exciting things Gosia does on a daily basis. 

1 . Hi Gosia, how long have you been working with us at Ailleron? 

I have worked at Ailleron since 2014, starting as a Software Tester, then as a Business Analyst, and now as a Product Owner. 

2. Have you always planned to work in an IT company, or did it arise while looking for a job? 

In fact, getting into this industry was a complete coincidence. It never even crossed my mind before that I could work in IT. 

After graduating, I started looking for a full-time job, as it usually happens. During that time, many of my colleagues found jobs at one of the IT companies in Rzeszów. They shared the contact information and details about an open position for a Software Tester. Just a few days before the first interview, I have just researched that such a role exists and found out what it is exactly about. Despite that, I took a risk, and it paid off! I got the offer, initially thinking it would be a temporary arrangement until I found a job in my dream field. However, I discovered that the world of IT is captivating. 😊 I enjoy it here, and I’ve been doing well, so I ended up staying at Ailleron for a longer term. 

3. That’s quite a change. What did the process of career development look like? Did you take external courses or learn from more experienced #AilleronExperts? 

I learned my role immediately by being thrown into the deep end, meaning I gained most of my knowledge through hands-on approach. Of course, I always had support from more experienced colleagues and my Team Leader. I also attended internal training sessions, being directed by my managers to certification courses as part of my development. I always felt I had the company’s full support and was carefully guided throughout my career. 

4. At Ailleron, you work as a Product Owner. Let us know what you do on a daily basis. 

The Product Owner’s job is full of various challenges, and the main goal is to create and develop a final product that users love. To do this, you need to start by working with your customers, which involves many discussions, workshops, verification of their needs, as well as market and competition analysis. To fully meet your audience’s expectations, cooperation with the Sales and Customer Success departments is also crucial here. 

Then, together with my team, we proceed with software development and collaboration using Jira, then with User Stories, backlog, and numerous discussions to determine the best approach for creating an excellent and ready-to-launch product. 

5. When you describe your job, one can feel that you genuinely enjoy it. Tell us more about the project you are working on and what exciting things you are creating with your team. 

I work at LiveBank SaaS – it’s a Business Unit that develops banking solutions. Along with the structure, we build a communication platform between the bank employee and its clients. As a result, customers can handle their banking matters online, for example, comfortably sitting on their couch. On the other hand, bank representatives can use real-time or asynchronous communication in various banking processes, saving their time and achieving better results. 

6. What do you like most about your job? Is there anything you would change? 😉 

The effect of our efforts is visible and tangible, and the end-users of our product are my friends and even myself. The outcome has a real impact on the professional and private life of a typical Mr./Mrs. Kowalski or Mr./Mrs. Smith. Additionally, it involves creative cross-team collaboration and constantly provides new topics to explore, keeping things exciting. 

What would I change? I’m not one to complain, although I would slightly reduce the quantity and pace of work. 

7. Is the IT industry still male-dominated, or is there a significant female presence? What’s your take on this? 

Looking at my current or previous teams, I still mainly refer to them as “male colleagues” rather than “female colleagues”. There are still relatively few of us, although we successively mark our presence and grow stronger. 

8. How did you find your place in the IT world? What advice would you give to women willing to enter this industry but with some doubts or concerns? 

Certainly, functioning in the male-dominated IT world is different from working in a predominantly female environment. There are both pros and cons: it may be challenging to discuss the latest fashion trends, but on the other hand, you might hear a great joke to start your day. 😉 

One common stereotype is that IT positions only relate to being a programmer. However, my example and several of my female colleagues show that there are many roles, such as Testers, Business Analysts, or Project Managers, where we excel, and traits like precision, patience, and empathy are highly valuable. 

I would advise other women to try their luck despite any apprehensions, to see if this is the right place for them, and then decide whether to stay or explore other fields. I believe it’s worth taking the risk. 

9. Do you feel the feminine power at Ailleron? 

It shines through. 😊 Certainly, the support departments, on the other hand, dominated by women, really showcase that feminine power, setting a good example for us girls from development teams. 

10. And at work, it’s not just about working. What is your passion? What do you enjoy doing when you close your work laptop and leave the office? 

I love mountains, nature, trekking, and climbing in lower and higher mountain ranges. During my next vacation, I plan to explore more kilometers in the stunning Alps instead of just lying down. 

11. It fits perfectly with the idea of the #Well-being challenge. Do you benefit from the program? 😊 

Yes! To begin with, you receive fantastic gifts that motivate you to sign up and get involved in the program. The results of other members, including the kilometers cycled, run, and mountain peaks conquered, inspire to be more active and help organize joint activities that bring the participants together. 

Gosia, thank you very much for your inspiring story, which perfectly illustrates that it’s worth striving for your goals, not giving up, but instead finding opportunities and making the most of them. Your story proves that #WomanPower is truly an extraordinary force!