According to a survey by No Fluff Jobs, personal development is important to 56% of Polish IT specialists. On the other hand, in Randstadt’s report, we find that career growth and training opportunities are among the TOP6 most crucial factors in choosing an employer. Listening to our experts’ needs and focusing on improving their qualifications and skills, we are launching the third edition of our program, Ailleron Power UP Camp. 

What is Power UP Camp? 

Ailleron Power UP Camp is a company development program engaging employees as speakers. It’s an internal knowledge-sharing initiative where we educate ourselves in various domains and gain insights into our colleagues’ roles. 

The event covers a broad range of topics, from technical and business matters to sales and soft skills. We keep the scope open because our goal is to ensure that each Ailleron member discovers something on the agenda that resonates with them. 

What benefits does the Power UP Camp bring us? 

Of course, the program’s primary goal is to exchange knowledge and experiences among employees. We broaden our horizons, allowing each of #AilleronExperts to participate in selected lectures on topics that interest them the most. 

On the other hand, it’s a significant opportunity for our employee presenters. By joining this program, they gain presentation skills and increase their confidence in public speaking. To kick things off, speakers take part in coaching sessions with an external coach. 

Thirdly, we create value and an organizational culture. Employees share knowledge, support each other, and engage in discussions, all contributing to a welcoming atmosphere of recognition and appreciation. 

All of this is possible because each of us receives a total of 80 development hours per year, which can be used for participating in training and educational projects.

What to expect in the 3rd edition? 

This year, we have planned 7 practical and diverse presentations. Meet our speakers: 

    • Julita Wiatrowska and Jan Maciejewski – Organizing work on business development and networking: tools and strategies 
    • Łukasz Kurek – Sources of chaos in the system and the role of order 
    • Mateusz Biały – Design Systems and their potential 
    • Piotr Galbas – Leveraging your strengths in a developer’s role 
    • Rafał Kołecki – Cybersecurity – common attack methods and ways to prevent them 
    • Mateusz Wierzbiński and Mateusz Grys – From onboarding to evangelism: nurturing customer relationships for long-term success 

    Our special guest will be Mirosław Polski from Google, who will talk about Google AI and the path to becoming a partner in future technology. 

    This edition will be POWERFUL. 😊 As you can see, training and development are top priorities at Ailleron, so we’re not slowing down and officially starting another edition of Power UP Camp!