More and more popular well-being has become crucial for all conscious employers. Hence, does Ailleron see the benefits of well-being programs? Of course, we do, for many years and by our effectiveness in many cases.

What do well-being program really give us? 

The benefits are mutual. Taking care of the health and well-being of our employees gives them a sense of being appreciated and noticed. This increase their comfort and security, which automatically leverage engagement in work. By achieving balance and mental peace, the employee often feels greater satisfaction with work.  

At the same time, the employer creates a work environment based on good relations with employees, bigger commitment and greater satisfaction with the tasks and duties performed. 

The second edition of the well-being program with the bingo game 

Feedback from our coworkers is the best motivator for us to continue all well-being actions. In our internal research, the vast majority believed such programs were needed, and participation in this type of action motivates them. ThatÔÇÖs why we did not hesitate even for a moment to move with another edition of #well-being challenge 2022.  

We launched our project in April to start the spring with fresh energy. Due to the political and macroeconomic situation, it was a difficult time for all of us. However, we found it especially important to run the program at this point. We wanted to motivate our employees to act and care for their well-being and mental balance. 

At the start of the new campaign, each employee received a gift pack of company gadgets with a branded backpack, colorful socks and a package of healthy snacks. It was a small encouragement to accept our new challenge. 

As always, we approached the subject comprehensively. This time we organized the sports activation as a bingo game, which was enthusiastically received. We have prepared a board with 25 fields to which we assigned various tasks in the following categories: Hard Challenge, Light Tasks, For Relax, Fun & Good Vibes, Health and You decide ­čÖé In the last and mysterious category, the participant creates a task to pass by himself, boosting his creativity. Other tasks include cycling and mountain challenges, but also preparing a fruit salad or walking on the beach wearing company socks. ­čśë As you can see, everyone can find something for themselves. At the end of the game, we will select 3 winners who will cross the most lines and complete tasks. 

Taking care of the well-being, we have also prepared a series of webinars with the best specialists. We talked about how to achieve work-life balance, turn off stress and turn it into a motivator, and about good sleep, to which we listened with the greatest pleasure. In addition, some of us got practical tips, gaining a positive attitude and ÔÇťmentalÔÇŁ tools for self-development. However, this is not the end of these substantive meetings. There are still webinars ahead of us on resilience that supports, the energy that builds and empathetic communication.

Do we plan the success this time too?  

We are getting ready for it! The first impressions of the participants of our #well-being challenge and bingo games are very positive. Many employees reported that it gave them a strong incentive to take up physical activity and change their habits. Moreover, itÔÇÖs easier and more fun with bingo challenge tasks related to meditation, relaxation and the realization of oneÔÇÖs passions. 

Our well-being challenge runs from April to August, so there is still a lot ahead of us. Of course, we will let you know about the programÔÇÖs progress on our social media. 

The well-being of our #AilleronExperts matters to us a lot 

Seeing the involvement of aillerons in our welfare initiatives, we become convinced that such actions are needed. Therefore, we give employees some space and the possibility of carrying out various activities that help them improve their mood and care for their health. Because nothing gives you so much joy and energy as the smile of a satisfied employee. To see how our chellenge is going, check out our Instagram ailleron_life.

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