We welcomed a new young talent on board.  Alexander develops his skills as a Tester and gains new experience. The first tasks are now behind him. See below how it all started. 

Which department have you joined?  

I work in the LiveBank project, in the LiveBank On-premise department.  

What are your duties?  

I work as a manual software tester. I check LiveBank platform from the Agent and Banking Customer application side. Furthermore, I perform tasks in Jira and help others in the software testing too.  

What did you learn during the internship?  

I learned a lot about manual testing: pair or group testing, bug retests, creating bug reports with logs and how to build and deploy versions of environments.  

What convinced you to take up an internship in our company?  

It’s a chance for general development as a tester (automation and mobile testing). I want to follow this path and learn about new technologies.  

How do you like the atmosphere of working in the Ailleron team?  

The atmosphere is good and very concise. Sometimes it’s challenging and busy because of the fast pace, but it’s very educational. The teamwork here is wonderful, so it’s great for my growth. 

What do you value in the internship the most?  

I appreciate the possibility of further development as a tester, learning about new tools and technologies and appropriate cooperation.  

Would you recommend an internship in our company?  

Yes, mainly because there is strong support and help from many people from different departments in case of problems and questions.

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