We introduce to you another talented intern, Łukasz, who joined the Fintech team, where he dealt with Machine Learning. Are you curious about Łukasz’s internship in our company?  

What department are you working with as an intern?  

I am involved in the creation of artificial intelligence systems for the Fintech department, specifically AI Banking. 

What did you do during the internship at Ailleron? What are your duties? 

During my internship, I created predictive models using Python. My responsibilities included a wide range of tasks that are needed to create artificial intelligence systems. That includes data mining, preprocessing, creating models, and, finally, checking the results. 

What did you learn during the internship? 

I believe that I have learned a lot: what is the culture of teamwork, the appropriate approach to problems and solving them, theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Machine Learning. 

What convinced you to take up an internship in our company? 

The internship perfectly matched my expectations. Flexible working hours, the possibility of adjusting the schedule to classes at the university and the opportunity to enter the industry in a company with interesting projects. It would be wrong not to send in my resume for this offer.  

How do you like the atmosphere of working in the Ailleron team? 

The atmosphere in the team is great! Initially, I was afraid that because I am an intern, I ask many questions and I don’t know many things, I would face negative reactions. However, nothing like this has ever happened, everyone in the team is very nice and if I just need any help, I know I can always ask. 

What do you value the internship in this company for the most? 

As I mentioned before, for the atmosphere, a large amount of knowledge and skills that I can acquire and the opportunity to participate in an exciting project. 

Would you recommend an internship in our company? Why?  

Certainly, yes! I think Ailleron is the perfect place to take your first steps in the IT industry. You can learn a lot and gain a lot of valuable experience that will pay off in the future.

Łukasz interview quote