Do you know what Aillleron, financial technology services and the universe have in common?  

The courage to push the boundaries of what’s standard. Also, our innovative approach to finding the best solutions, ingenuity, and passion which pretend us to stand out/ to achieve more. All of this led us to get involved in the 3-TTK sounding rocket project by AGH Space Systems with great pleasure and curiosity.  

A few words about the “cosmic” project  

The 3-TTK is a nearly 5-meter-long rocket with our logo, equipped with a proprietary hybrid drive, built to reach 10,000 feet high. This interesting construction took part in the world’s largest intercollegiate rocket engineering competition, the Spaceport America Cup, held in June in the New Mexico desert. The rocket we supported competed against 140 projects from more than 20 countries, taking 3rd place. In addition to the spectacular and long-awaited rocket launches, the event included several other competitions and scientific sessions and lasted 5 days.   

Sounds good, right? But there is more. After all, the project also had a multidimensional scientific character. During the flight, the effect of tranquilizers on the survival rate of shrimp – potential suppliers of nutrients for plants grown outside Earth – was studied. That’s why the AGH Space Systems team placed in the rocket a payload equipped with aquariums specially prepared for this occasion. If they were filming “The Martian” now, maybe on the Red Planet, the main character would grow potatoes to survive 😉.   

Would you like to learn more? You can find detailed information about the project, the competition process, and a case study of building the rocket on the dedicated campaign landing page.   

Why did we do it?  

Because Ailleron is made up of people who want more and act with passion.
Because we believe in what we do.
Because we aim high and because of that, we sometimes surpass ourselves 😎.  
Because we want to invest in talents whenever possible, supporting their potential.  
And finally, because this project is such a cosmos, we couldn’t deny ourselves the pleasure of getting into it.  

Every story has an end   

The end of the year also marks the end of the 9-month campaign. That’s quite a long time, and we’ve had time to get used to this space climate. Thanks to AGH Space Systems, we could be a part of this inspiring project, and we are very grateful for that.  

If you decide that an innovative approach and passion are also something that defines you and would like to become a part of the teams that create quality, please visit and join #AilleronExperts.   

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