We have written that the development of our employees is very important to us many times. So you know, we use various forms of training, workshops and courses. Last year, the next idea of using the potential and ambition of our #AilleronExperts came up, so we bet on a new form of internal knowledge sharing. That’s how we launched our Ailleron Power Up Camp.

What is Power UP Camp?

Power UP Camp is a company-wide development event for all Ailleron employees, whose main goal is internal knowledge exchange. Each of our employees can come forward with a topic of their choice and present it in a forum. Speeches cover various topics: technical, sales and soft skills. They can also take different forms – lectures or workshops. It all depends on the concept of the presenter.

The first edition took place in 2021. The high employee involvement and positive feedback have motivated us to launch the 2nd edition of the program! Every week we meet with a different expert from Ailleron, listening to interesting presentations or actively checking out the next workshop. We have two months of knowledge and inspiration ahead of us.

What benefits does the Ailleron Power UP Camp bring us?

First, exchanging practical know-how and sharing experience is a great opportunity. The main goal is to use the knowledge to develop employees, which entails the company’s development. We want to build the diverse skills of our employees in the best and most effective way. So that they can benefit from each other’s experience, inspire and motivate each other to expand their horizons.

Employees who conduct meetings build their expert image and improve their public speaking or self-presentation skills. For some, it also breaks down their internal barriers and gains new experiences. In addition, each speaker is provided with additional support in two days of online workshops, during which they learn the tools of effective self-presentation and communication. Such internal speeches certainly influence greater self-confidence and can motivate you to share your expertise in a larger, external forum.

Secondly, we are very flexible in choosing the topics of our presentations and workshops. For example, when we’ve heard a lot about professional burnout or quiet quitting recently, which often results from routine, it’s crucial to prevent this. So we broaden our horizons and are open to all ideas. We show employees a variety of topics about the operations of our company and the IT industry, professional development, and also issues in the areas of soft skills. By trying to get #AilleronExperts interested in various topics, we show that they have many opportunities, possibilities, and projects in which they can get involved.

Third, understanding and mutual respect. In large companies with complex structures, employees may not have a whole picture of what their colleagues from other departments are doing in their teams. What do they do daily, or what challenges and tasks do they face? Thanks to the Ailleron Power Up Camp, everyone can talk about their work, what topics interest them, and what area they are experts in. You could say that this is also a certain form of integration.

What topics have we planned for this year?

During this year’s Ailleron Power UP Camp, we will have a lot of business, technical and soft skills topics, as we wrote before. It will be convenient and diverse for sure. Meet our speakers:

  • Agnieszka Piróg (Business&Product Development Manager) – Unreal expectations of banks compared with projects budgets
  • Pavel Haracz (Cloud Architect) – Authentication, Authorization, SSO – how to figure it all out/ bite it all in an application based on Azure Ad and Azure AD B2C
  • Anna Semionenko (Recruitment Specialist) – Non-verbal communication
  • Piotr Galbas (Software Architect) – DI creation of libraries independent of the client’s application
  • Patrycja Leszek-Królikowska (General UX/UI Manager) and Patrycja Sokołowska (CSenior UX Designer) – Customer Journey Map – Powerful tool
  • Ireneusz Liberacki (Operational Director) – Citibank: cooperation with a giant
  • Olga Wislawnych (International Sales Manager) – Mentoring – an effective way to grow.

Our special guest will also be a specialist from Chmurowisko, who will introduce us to the topic of infrastructure monitoring in Azure.

As you can see, we are full of power 😉 We meet the needs of our employees, focus on their development, help them build self-confidence, and are about to launch the next edition of Ailleron Power UP Camp.