When we mention Employer Branding (EB), we usually think of all the actions that an employer may take to improve company’s image. It is worth adding that these are not only the methods that can be used to promote the business externally, among prospective employees and customers, but also internally, among the people that are already familiar with the brand. Efficient EB strategy should not only lower the turnover rate in the company, but also contribute to the employees’ satisfaction levels and their commitment to work. What is more, it also should help spread the good opinions about the company among friends and relatives of people being in touch with the brand.

How Ailleron develops its EB – and why we do it like this?

We decided to approach the topic of our EB on many levels – as we always do. In Ailleron, we value the opinions of others, so we began with asking our colleagues for their opinions about the company. We have chosen a few groups representing people working for Ailleron. There were representants of our internal divisions, specialists and leaders. Millennials, or people from Y or Z generations, were the majority of our guests.

Diversity is one of Ailleron’s main features. There are the young and the old, girls and boys, coffee lovers and tea enthusiast, not to mention all the personalities and beliefs, technologies and projects. But there is one thing that connects us all: our work, and many would say that this combination works perfectly well. We draw power from our diversity, but we also have to take all our needs into consideration, as they influence our strategies – including EB strategies.

Virtual discussions, real conclusions

In the first stage of our events the participants of our workshops had to fill in a questionnaire. In that short form we asked them why they had decided to join Ailleron in the first place, what are company’s distinctive features and what matters for our employees in their everyday work. We also could not omit a question regarding our current situation, as all of Ailleron experts are now working remotely. What is more, we are currently looking for some ideas for our EB motto, so we asked our participants to come up with their own suggestions.

Preparation for the workshops was a huge challenge for us, not only because that was the first time we had decided to hold such an event, but also because of recently implemented work-from-home model. General meeting face-to-face would make the whole initiative much easier – but we are both agile and flexible not only in our projects. Thus, we managed to move the entire process to the online channels. Virtual tools, such as Teams or digital whiteboard, Invision Board, proved to be extremally useful for the entire process.

During each and every of the workshops we managed to talk about matters that had previously been mentioned in the questionnaire. We have also voted for the best motto for EB in Ailleron. The conclusions that we have drawn from those meetings were extremally valuable and they provided us with a variety of clues regarding the best EB strategy and key divisions of our Employee Value Propositions. The turnout was also impressive: over 60 people took part in 5 workshops. We came up with 45 mottos, 7 of them were accepted for further consideration.

Two heads are better than one

The entire Ailleron team work together to achieve the same goal – that is why we could not keep our EB strategy to ourselves. We also decided to appoint EB ambassador. He is supposed to be a representative of each and every of our divisions, a person with head full of ideas, great knowledge of organization. He also should be aware of our image and values we want to share.

But where does this idea come from? That way we would once again address Ailleron’s diversity that we would like to emphasize and use it as a base for new quality of our actions. In our company we are not fond of complications, so we simply ask chosen people for help – and they did help us!

In cooperation with EB ambassadors we will take part in brand creation and focusing on commitment to work. We would love to share our experiences!

Stay tuned!


EB Team