Meetings are essential for many professions. They are especially important in IT industry that relies on effective communication and exchange of knowledge in its projects. However, some participants are not enthusiastic about meetings, as those long talks are usually one-sided. Luckily, such group conversations don’t have to be exhausting – those in Ailleron are definitely the best of the best!

Simple solutions to complicated problems

Every industry sometimes encounters more complicated problems that require expert skills. Such a situation is an opportunity not only to look for new creative solutions, but also to improve information flow in particular teams. Thanks to such occurrences we can both help our customers and grow on our own.

Ailleron faces complicated IT challenges every day. They allow us to test our skills and improve them regularly. Such solutions created on-the-spot became an inspiration to create Microthursdays – weekly meetings that attract technology enthusiasts and creative minds working for our company.

Microthursdays are regular meetings held every 2 weeks. It is open to anyone who wishes to join us. The main aim of this initiative is to exchange ideas and knowledge. Our main inspiration are news from IT world that are usually shared during an online presentation. It is a perfect beginning of engaging discussion regarding the topic we chose!

Kasia Dydo, Organization and People Development Specialist

Those meetings are a perfect chance for us to discuss particular problems or latest trends that our developers find interesting at the time. There is always an expert among us that can share his knowledge with others, even when we struggle with such complicated issues as malfunction diagnostics or code gerontology. Microthursdays are perfect method of solving arising problems and helping our employees gain new skills.

Competition in service of creativity

Not everyone is fond of traditional meetings – there are some people that like to bring a little more emotion in their lives. That is why we came up with more interactive form of integration that allow our employees to show their skills in the best way possible.

The way is called Hackathons and they are held in Ailleron regularly. Every single one of them is unique and includes various problems, allowing us to explore innovative solutions from different industries. Thanks to that initiative we can create brand new platforms for banking, leasing and other divisions, that can then be used by our partners. What is more, Hackathons are also perfect tools for promoting teamwork and exchanging creative ideas that have a significant impact on our products and projects. They are also a perfect challenge for our ambitious employees!

We share because we care

Ailleron cares for more than just our internal initiatives. We believe that we should share our ideas with everyone! That is why we organize various webinars, meetings and workshops that are meant to have an impact on the knowledge of experts from different industries.

One of Ailleron’s latest ideas that is a part of those initiatives are our webinars – meetings that are held online and do not require us to meet with our participants in our office. Their topics are a direct response to developers’ needs, as they have to face a variety of challenges regarding rapidly changing job market in the IT industry and methods of adjusting to it. Ailleron decided to help programmers, testers and other IT experts and we asked our experts to share their knowledge during those meetings and explain the most important matters in looking for a career in different sectors of IT, such as iOS or .NET. Those tips will definitely be useful for those dreaming about a job in programming!

Another meeting equals better relations

Creative meetings give us more than just new ideas. They are also a perfect opportunity for us to improve relations with our colleagues. We know that relationships help us work effectively and create brand new solutions that we can then share with our partners. That is why we make sure that our meetings are filled with knowledge and good atmosphere!