Ailleron has moved to a higher level… and higher floor. We had a pleasure of taking over the three floors in Podium Park. Such an enormous space can accommodate over 500 employees – and they will not only have their own desks, but also a number of additional amenities at their disposal.

Ailleron’s new office is located on John Paul II Avenue. The building consists of individual working spaces, separate office rooms, game rooms, phone booths, silence zones and numerous meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 40 people. The office also includes additional open-access spaces, such as kitchens and leisure areas.

The décor has a unique style and creative design. The floors that became a home for Ailleron in the fourth quarter of 2020 include 3 different motives: technology, space and air. In the first quarter of 2022, our office will include another floor called Earth.  Each motive has a significant impact on decorations, interior design and other details, such as the names of conference rooms and writings on the walls.

-In October 2020 we moved to the three top floors in building B in Podium Park. Its functional layout combines architects’ vision with employees’ needs. There we can enjoy an amazing view of the city from the tenth floor of the building. Still, due to the ongoing pandemic we will encourage our employees to work from home with an option of working in the office in a rotation system, so all the safety measures could be taken into account. – says Katarzyna Wolak, Head of Administration in Ailleron.

Podium Park itself is a complex built to the highest standards. Those two eleven-story skyscrapers are certified by BREEAM on “Outstanding” level, which is the highest possible distinction in the classification. Their construction included not only the highest standard of interior, but also eco-features for chosen solutions. In Podium we can find more than just rooms and offices. This complex consists of green courtyards, bike parking lots, and unique Urban Farming area available for the tenants. What is more, the top-notch thermal insulation will ensure that working in an office is always comfortable. Such tediously designed space will surely inspire us to create many new projects!