Well-being is the quality of life and everything that is important to a given person. How does it affect the employment relationship with employees? Well, its impact is huge!

Well-being and its impact on work

The well-being and health of an employee have an impact on his quality of work. Satisfaction with performed tasks and a comfortable environment are the key aspects of the specialist’s approach and commitment. The way an employee copes with the duties entrusted to him depends heavily on his mental condition and physical functioning. The aim of the well-being campaign organized by us was to promote a healthy lifestyle on many levels – healthy eating, physical activity and caring for mental health.

How we care about the well-being of our employees in Ailleron?

Unfortunately, the pandemic and the isolation it brought, as well as long-term remote work, adversely affected the mental state of the company’s employees. During this period, each of us was exposed to some kind of stress, mental overload and a decrease in energy and involvement in team initiatives.

As we place a lot of emphasis on work quality and well-being, the #WELL-BEING CHALLENGE program was organized.

It was a comprehensive project, which was intended to motivate employees in the sports and development dimension, increase their commitment and integration, and promote care for one’s own health. At the beginning, each employee received a package: a sweatshirt, a water bottle and healthy snacks, which motivated them to get involved in the event.

We have approached the subject of GOOD condition in a comprehensive manner, preparing a number of activities for our employees:

  1. Sports competitions in the following categories: running, hiking and riding on wheels. We conducted competitions using the free Map My Run application, in which employees had to register using the company alias in the name. In the application, we have prepared 3 types of competition, separately for each category. Based on the recorded results, we obtained a ranking of the 3 best people in each category. At the end of the programs, we selected the winners in each category, handing out valuable prizes.
  2. Meetings with inspiring people – incl. Daria Abramowicz, mental trainer of Iga Świątek, and workshops with specialists in various fields:
  • Trends in dietetics, or what is wise and what is fashionable – Karolina Woś
  • Learn to surf on the third wave of the pandemic – Sandra Pasek from Wellbee
  • Remote integrations, or what to do when we want to be together and we have to work separately – an employee of the People Department
  • Slow productivity – Piotr Nabielec
  • How to achieve ZEN when everything collapses and burns – effective relaxation techniques – Jarosław Chybicki
  • Emotional intelligence and self-awareness – Piotr Jan Panasiukiewicz from Wellbee
  • Search Inside Yourself workshop created for Google employees, run by certified trainers, with sessions on mindfulness, self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy, and leadership
  • Exercises for a healthy spine and outdoor activities with a personal trainer.

At the end of the program, there was a motivational speech by Tomasz Michniewicz, a Polish journalist, traveler and photographer, on inspiration, burnout and motivation. In addition, we have introduced a new benefit for our employees – psychological consultations with psychotherapists from various fields. The eco-active and socially involved participants could share their initiatives to inspire others to take part in this type of activity.

Finally, we have prepared a video summarizing the entire event along with the announcement of the winners.

The success of the well-being program

275 participants, 275 starter kits and packages sent, 10 webinars, workshops and meetings, likes and positive comments are the statistics that show the success of the campaign. But what real impact did this project have on the lives of Ailleron employees?

More than half of the employees said in the survey that such an initiative was needed, and 44% stated that sports competitions have motivated them. Thanks to this action, other people noticed a positive impact on the implementation of daily tasks and the company’s concern for their well-being.

The topics of the meetings and workshops were also rated very highly. They were found to be interesting, practical and valuable. Employees noticed how important it is to take care of oneself, not only for physical, but also mental health.

Let’s focus on the well-being of the employee!

Following the highly successful #WELL-BEING CHALENGE program, we became convinced that employee is crucial for our operations. These are not guesses, the statistics speak for themselves. Most of the participants noticed real benefits, a positive impact on private life, and thus improved well-being at work and greater satisfaction with the tasks performed. In view of such a positive perception of the event, we plan to continue the challenge in the future.