A fantastic Javeloper event is already over! We would like to thank our colleague, @Krystian, for participating and preparing a superb presentation on traps in distributed systems. Looking at their architecture from different perspectives, we can see numerous issues not being taken into consideration during the architectural stage of work. Krystian has shown us many traps that may appear there technology-wise, but also regarding other crucial matters such as communication or management of projects, teams and releases. He also helped the audience realise the impact a structure of the team may have on the tasks, and he also explored a variety of techniques for efficiency testing.

We encourage you to watch Krystian’s presentation on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnrqMQMpRfo

We hope that you will find there something you can use in your project, too!

In addition, our contest was a great success! The prizes are already on their way to the winners – let’s see what they are going to receive! 😉 Once again, congratulations to all the participants.