We believe that the best, the most valuable ideas are created in teams – that is why we organize evens such as this one. The teams consisting of our top programmers, testers, engineers, project managers and interface designers gathered last week in our headquarters to begin a task called: “microservices – MACROMONEY”.

Hackathons are the famous “marathons” of the IT industry. During those events, teams focus on solving a project problem. The meetings have a workshop-like character and they usually last for 1 or 2 days. To make things more interesting, the teams are given problem that needs to be addressed just before the event starts. Therefore, there is no room for preparation, so… everything is possible!

Following in the footsteps of the most innovative companies in the world, we also organize hackathons in Ailleron. A few days ago, eight teams have faced a challenge of creating a standalone module that can become a part of LeaseTech product. In practice, the task was to design a feature that could be provided to one of our customers. It was a day filled with fun, inspiring discussion, a bit of programming and even more drawing necessary for the models.

We have determined the winner in a democratic way – by voting. Still, it is worth emphasizing that the final result was impacted by many factors, as it is widely known that the final product not only has to be designed, but also presented and sold. That is why all the teams were given a task of showing their ideas on the big screen.

Congratulations to all the participating teams, especially the TOP 3 of them:

  1. ASMR Team
  2. My się pierdołami nie zajmujemy Team
  3. Lease Komornik Team

See you during the next edition of the event!

thinking team in the office
team posing for photo in the office
working team in the office
working team in the small office
team consulting ideas