In the last few days our everyday life has drastically changed due to coronavirus outbreak. Those circumstances forced schools, shopping centers and many other businesses and institutions to close. In the light of recent events Ailleron also decided to switch its employees to remote work model. However, it does not mean that we stopped looking for new members for our numerous teams!

This situation does not stop Ailleron from looking for extraordinary people.  We still look for ambitious people willing to develop their careers in our diverse and challenging project. However, in the same time we deeply care about both our Employees and Candidates. Thus, the entire recruitment process will be carried out remotely using available online tools and software. We do our best to ensure that this solution is both quick and effective!

Remote recruitment

Advanced tools make it possible for us to get to know our candidates without leaving homes. Usually in the first stage of recruitment process we get in touch with them through phone call. Asking more technical questions in the second stage is more complex task, so in this case we prefer to use Skype or Zoom. Sometimes we also require our candidates to be interviewed by our clients or to do a simple exercise proving their skills. Singing a contact remotely is also not a problem – we usually suggest our new employees to do that via email or with a little help from delivery companies.

Onboarding online

You do not have to visit our office to get everything you need to start working. To ensure your safety Ailleron will use delivery services to send all the necessary equipment to the address of your choice. You will receive a PDF brochure containing useful facts about Ailleron itself. Remote training is not a problem for us, too. Both onboarding and health and safety training will be held via Microsoft Teams or other online tools. This software will also help us introduce you to your new team. Thus, there is nothing stopping you from developing your further career with Ailleron!

We are recruiting!