Until now, remote work was only popular among companies specializing in IT services. However, on the verge of global pandemic, home office solutions have a chance to flourish, as they are the only way to keep the businesses running under those unfavorable circumstances. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves: how to use the power of the Internet to switch from offices to virtual space?

A solution for millions of people

According to the data provided by GUS (Central Statistical Office of Poland), nearly 85% of all households in Poland have a stable internet connection – including 80% of households with broadband connection. Thus, we can conclude that approximately 20 milions of people aged 16-74 can use the Internet in their everyday life. For this huge group of employees, remote work would be a perfectly reasonable choice. Despite that, home office model was rarely used outside high-tech industries.

Now, this situation started to change, as coronavirus emerged in China and slowly became a threat for the rest of the world. This horrendous disease proved to be a huge challenge for people and authorities from all around the world, causing school closures, public transport restriction and cancellations of major cultural events. It also forced many companies to send their workers straight to their home offices – even though they were rarely used before. Despite those unforeseen circumstances, this change can actually be beneficial for many businesses, as scientists from Stanford University had proven before that remote work can improve employees’ efficiency by up to 13%. Thus, what stands in our way to switching from stationary work to a remote one?

Technology that changes the labor market

The greatest enemy of remote work is technology that made it possible in the first place. Although the popularity of internet is growing, many companies have troubles providing their employees with sufficient tools for home office working. Despite that popular opinion, there are dozens of solutions a business can use to make remote work easier than ever before.

Identification is a huge challenge for any company specializing in providing advanced services to its customers. This enormous problem can easily be solved using VAS messaging apps, including those created by Ailleron. They enable both employees and clients to be identified within seconds. It is also a perfect tool for sharing information and data – even between completely different platforms.

Integration and implementation of services can also have a huge impact on employees working remotely from their homes. Ailleron can offer a solution to that problem, too. Software House Integration allows our clients to integrate services and data sources, making remote work easier than ever before.

Global home office – fact or fiction?

Until now, many experts from various industries have argued about introducing remote work as a large-scale solution. The first few weeks of coronavirus pandemic can be a proof of home office model being not only effective, but also more comfortable. That statement can easily be confirmed by the latest statistics provided by Warsaw Undergound. Its spokesperson claimed that during the first day after the authorities advised citizens to stay at home the total number of people using metro dropped by 80 thousand. The officials have also reported huge decrease in traffic in the city.

This example shows clearly that even in an unforeseen circumstances remote work is way to operate a business with no further delays. Thus, this idea should be considered to be introduced not only as an emergency model, but also a permanent solution. Many companies have already done that, as we can see from 50% increase in number of remote jobs offers on the labor market.


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