Hackaton is a huge challenge not only for junior software developers, but also for their more experienced colleagues. This type of programming marathon was created to check their knowledge and skills under extreme conditions, including working under time pressure. Still, we know for sure that Ailleron IT experts can meet all the requirements given in the task – and they had a chance to prove it during our last Hackaton.

A challenge for the best of the best

On 25th Febuary our Lease Tech IT experts from Cracow and Rzeszow faced the Hackaton challenge once again to test their skills and mental abilities. They were given a simple task: solving the problem of making profit out of leasing that is not currently used by a client. Such an extensive problem was met with a surprising creativity that soon resulted in many inspiring ideas. Further on, the ideas turned into dozens of innovative solutions, which then became a reality, thanks to our hard-working competitors.

Although the spirits were high in every single team, there could only be one winner. This time this title was proudly claimed by winning team that surprised the judges with its idea of a leasing market app enabling the leasing companies to choose their prospective clients.

Hackaton is over… for now!

The latest Hackaton has come to an end, but it was not the only programming marathon on our schedule. Such events are regularly held in Ailleron, as they are one of creative approaches we value most. What is more, they often result in tens of innovative ideas that can be further used to our clients’ advantage. Still, above all, Hackathons are a perfect chance for our IT professionals to prove their knowledge and skills in competitive environment, as they did this time.

Congratulations for the winners!