Although Sylwia has already changed her position, she started working at Ailleron as an intern. And what was it like for her at the beginning? See for yourself:

What did you do during the internship at Ailleron? What were your duties?

I had the opportunity to support development, training, benefit and employee engagement activities. My duties included coordinating development exchanges, conducting onboarding, and organizing strategic events and employee meetings.

What did you learn during the internship?

I learned what professional work in the field of HR and EB looks like. I was able to observe how the coordination of employee development issues works, how the benefit offer is created and implemented, and I learned how to create the image of the employer.

What have convinced you to start internship in our company?

When applying for an internship at Ailleron, I noticed how important development is and how much is done in the company because of it. Additionally, the flexibility and the ability to experience many areas convinced me to take up an internship at Ailleron.

How did you like the atmosphere in the company?

The atmosphere of Team People is unique, I can count on a lot of support and a large dose of positive energy every day.

What do you value the internship in this company for?

Of course, for people, for the opportunity to grow, and also for the feeling of being part of a team.

Would you recommend an internship in our company? Why?

Of course! The last few months have been an amazing adventure and a chance to spread my wings.

Sylwia interview quote