This is Nina, our next talented intern! Nina joined the BU Corporate Banking team where she develops her testing skills. Are you curious about what she did during her internship?

What did you do during the internship at Ailleron? What were your duties? 

I am on an internship as a manual tester. My duties include participation in tests of corporate banking applications, creating documentation (cases, test scenarios), reporting and handling errors, and any other activities aimed at controlling the quality of the developed software. 

What did you learn during the internship?  

During the internship, I learned how to work as a manual tester in a scrum team, I also developed communication skills, analytical thinking and creativity. 

What made you join our internship?  

I got a recommendation from my friend.  

How do you like the atmosphere and working in Ailleron in general?  

I think the atmosphere in Ailleron is very friendly, the co-workers are open-minded, helpful and committed. 

Would you recommend an internship in Ailleron? Why?  

Of course! I believe that this is an excellent opportunity to develop, learn and improve your qualifications, and it will certainly increase your chances on the labor market. 

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