Today, we would like you to meet another heroine of the #spreadyourwings series – it’s Milena! Milena joined the BU Corporate Banking team, where she learns and improves under the supervision of Ailleron specialists. Get to know her history and impressions related to the internship in our company.

What did you do during the internship at Ailleron? What were your duties?

During my internship, I was involved in testing a banking application. The department I joined deals mainly with orders made by domestic and foreign accounts. I spent the first few weeks learning and getting to know the application. After that, I learned about the requirements (and there were many of them!), and I started doing my first tests, from less complicated bugs found on the front part of the application, to more complicated ones requiring additional tools.

What did you learn during the internship?

The internship gave me the opportunity to get to know the work of a tester ‘from the inside’. I saw the details of the job in practice, with all its problems and challenges that can be encountered along the way. Earlier, I was a bit worried because I heard from my friends that the tester’s work can be monotonous, boring, etc. However, it turns out that it is very interesting, something different happens every daym, and we have to deal with variety of tasks.

What made you choose the internship in our company?

An internship in your company was recommended to me by a friend. As one of the few companies on the market, Ailleron offers internships for people with little or no experience, which is critical for beginners. Nothing teaches you better than practice and testing yourself in real work. For people who are just starting out in IT, the first problem they face after graduation is finding their first job. Most companies require experience, which is why there are a lot of really talented people on the market who quit when looking for a new job and return to their old professions, which is unfortunate. It’s great that Ailleron gives you this opportunity and I think both parties benefit from it. After completing the internship, I got a job offer and is already working as Tester I.

How do you like the atmosphere and working in Ailleron in general?

The atmosphere in Ailleron is what I like the most about the job! People are very nice and willing to help. As an intern, I asked thousands of questions, and sometimes I thought that people would eventually run out of patience because of my lack of knowledge. Nothing like this happened! Everyone was happy to answer my questions and took their time to explain the topic to me in detail, despite the sheer volume of work they had in their time. Even though I was working remotely, I managed to meet many people face to face, and that’s great. I am waiting for the integration meeting which is to be held soon. It will be another opportunity to meet new people.

Would you recommend the internship in our company? Why?

Of course! I recommend an internship at Ailleron to everyone who takes their first steps in IT. There is nothing to be afraid of. Everyone here remembers their beginnings and knows that everyone was an intern once. An internship is an opportunity to learn how to operate in practice, and no crash course or stories from friends can ever be equal to that. You have to try, and if someone still hesitates, stop and come to us for an internship! It’s great!

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