At Ailleron, we focus on constant development and continuous exchange of knowledge – now in an even more condensed and comprehensive form. That is why we are launching the Ailleron Power UP Camp – the first edition of the event addressed to our employees, who will be able to expand their horizons even more thanks to the initiative. 

What is Ailleron Power UP Camp? 

Ailleron Power UP Camp is a company-wide development event that allows our employees to gain new skills and learn about new dimensions of the IT industry. During this year’s first edition, we will hold several different conference sessions. They will cover topics such as: 

  • Sales 
  • Business 
  • Management and leadership 
  • Women in IT. 

Importantly, during the event, our employees will have the opportunity to meet both our internal experts and external industry specialists. Thanks to this, we can expand our knowledge, learn about the latest trends, and look at the business from a new perspective. 

Ailleron Power UP Camp – get to know it better! 

Ailleron Power UP Camp is also an opportunity to get to know our company and its future better. During the event, our employees can find out: 

  • what individual departments are currently working on 
  • what trends prevail in individual industries 
  • what are the plans for the further development of the company 
  • what good practices we use in our work in different projects. 

We are constantly expanding our knowledge 

Ailleron Power UP Camp is one of the many development initiatives organized in our company. Ailleron employees can take advantage of many benefits on a daily basis. Those include:  

  • Company library 
  • Foreign language lessons 
  • Hackathons 
  • Training and workshops 

Thanks to this, we can constantly expand our knowledge and create modern solutions according to the highest standards.