Our company has been committed to the well-being and development of our employees for many years. Our flagship well-being program, which has been highly valued by our #AilleronExperts, has brought numerous benefits. To meet the needs of our corporate community, we launched the program’s third edition in April after carefully listening to their feedback. 

Why do we need well-being at the company?  

Recent years have shown how important it is to care for both physical and mental health. With the challenges and uncertainties we face, it is crucial to prioritize self-care. Our program focuses on educating, raising awareness, and promoting healthy habits. During these few months of the year (throughout all these years), we talk a lot about mental health and physical activity – two spheres that strongly resonate and build our health.   

Our ultimate goal is to promote employee well-being, which benefits both the individual and the company. By prioritizing well-being, employees are more engaged, productive, and satisfied, leading to a positive team atmosphere. We provide employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate various challenges. 

What have we prepared for our #AilleronExperts this year?  

In this year’s edition, we created three sports groups: mountain, biking and running. Participants in the groups motivate and spur each other on to further activities, for example, by participating together in running competitions, cycling trips, or mountain outings.   

As every year, we also organize webinars with specialists on various topics. So we can benefit from the knowledge and best practices related to a healthy diet, concentration, energy management, relaxation, professional burnout, and dealing with emotions. After the webinars, employees can access the recordings and return to them at any time they need.    

Furthermore, the plan included sessions with a nutritionist, i.e., 15-minute individual meetings with body composition analysis using a Tanita scale. After the analysis, each participant received a printout and, with the help of the nutritionist, created a strategy for improving physical activity, nutrition and recovery habits.   

Knowing the theory that movement is health, we decided to incorporate it into our corporate life, hence the idea for sessions with a personal trainer. During the 30-minute group sessions, we perform strengthening and stretching exercises. These exercises are for people who spend many hours in a sitting position. Our regular workout relaxes, improves blood circulation, oxygenates and energizes. It’s also an ideal opportunity for integration. 😊   

We remembered small pleasures, too. During our months-long #well-being challenge, we scheduled sessions with a massage therapist to relax the tense neck and back muscles. Blissful relaxation and relief are guaranteed. 😉  

Finally, we enrich Aillerons’ knowledge and awareness of well-being in a broader context with monthly Look&Stay newsletters with interesting materials, practical tips and podcasts. We want #AilleronExperts to know how best to care for themselves and keep their development in mind. As you can see, this year’s program is heavily packed, and the schedule is tight. We’ve also made sure to be consistent in covering essential points of our well-being one by one – from theory to practice.    

Is it working?  

We continue to focus on this topic because what we are doing makes sense. The positive feedback and comments from our employees confirm this. Our #well-being challenge motivates them to act and take care of themselves in various ways, including their physical, mental, and emotional health. We have an exciting 7-month program planned for this year that includes challenges, fun, and self-improvement. It will be a good time. Stay well!