61% of Polish employees believe that professional development is important to their careers. Moreover, for Generation Z entering the job market, career development and training opportunities were ranked 3rd and 4th among the most crucial employer attractiveness factors. These numbers are impressive, aren’t they? At Ailleron, the self-development of every employee has been a high priority for years, which is why we have launched the seventh edition of our Ailleron Academy. 

What is the Ailleron Academy?  

It is our original development program aimed at employees. It takes the form of workshops conducted by external and internal trainers this year. Every year we adjust the topics to the current needs of employees, business, and the prevailing trends. This edition focuses on building leadership competencies in change management, creating solid relationships and good customer communication.   

Another edition of the Ailleron Academy for Leaders   

Every day leaders face a highly volatile work environment, so we decided to support them in effective change management. In the first module, we take on psychological issues such as managing emotions in change and effective change implementation that ends with success and acceptance. Participants also have the opportunity to learn about K. Lewin’s model of change in practice. They will also check what they should consider and anticipate throughout the change process.   

“Everyone is scared to change”. This is quite a popular statement, often valid. Depending on the situation, there is always a reaction to change, not always a positive one. Our second training module focuses on the causes of these fears, methods to overcome them, motivation, and emotions management to facilitate the process of change adjustment. Stress management is equally important at this stage, which often occurs during a transformation.  

The key to adapting to and accepting change is effective communication. During the next module, our participants will learn why involving employees in this change process is essential and how to do it effectively. How to communicate change? There are techniques and ways to do this, which help break down barriers and refute counter-arguments. The presenter will also talk about effective conversations with the employee and the whole team.  

The workshop that completes the “Leader in Change” track will be developmental conversations, one of the key elements of the feedback culture, which we care about strongly in our company. Through this workshop, our leaders will gain a toolkit to improve the effectiveness of this initiative.   

This training track touches on the soft skills crucial in a leader’s daily work. It is designed to improve the ability to manage and communicate effectively with employees in change.  

Effective business relationship building  

Business is the second track of the Ailleron Academy, designed for people who work with customers every day. During the first module, employees learned an essential strategy for managing business relationships. In addition, they learned how to map key tasks in the advisory role and build authority when dealing with stockholders.   

The second part of the training is devoted to communication, precisely its communication styles, tools, and practices in creating constructive messages. Participants will work through examples of challenges in dealing with stakeholder relationships and adapt the appropriate technique learned to their samples, looking for ways to improve cooperation with a given client. They will also learn how to identify, define, and communicate needs when building business relationships.  

Both Ailleron Academy tracks will be diversified with toolboxes, one-pagers, and best practices sharing sessions to help consolidate and organize the gained knowledge. And there will be a lot of it. 馃槉  

What is the reason for the Ailleron Academy’s success?  

Every year we try our best to match training to the needs of employees; we update our knowledge and follow market trends in the training area. In the 7th edition, 56 of our specialists are participating!  

At Ailleron, we focus on the MASTERY of our employees, which is why we give them opportunities to develop and rise new skills. We know the company’s success lies in our #AilleronExperts; they enrich the organization with their knowledge at every step. So, we are giving them their digital wings 馃槈聽