Every year, the same challenge arises. Any ideas for a Christmas gift? If you have the same issue, we will help you deal with it. We’ve done a little research among friends in the IT industry, and we’re happy to share some tips with you.

A set of LEGO bricks, of course

This suggestion was voted for by almost half of those asked. We can’t disagree with that! It’s the perfect way to have a great time and reset your mind after a long day at work. Plus, the larger sets are a great excuse to hang out with friends and family. There is a huge choice of building blocks these days. A hit this year, for example, is Star Wars, Minecraft, or Icons with floral patterns. Have you seen them? This idea sounds perfect. 😊   

Share the experience of emotions and cherished moments 

A bungee jump? A cooking workshop? Or maybe a dinner in the dark? This is the perfect alternative to a material gift that often collects dust on the shelf, or sometimes we send it away. 😅 With a dream voucher, we can give a loved one moments that will stay with them forever.   

Industry-wise, that means computer accessories and games  

The gift top couldn’t miss out on various computer accessories, including those with geek news, such as an illuminated keyboard, a heated mouse pad (not just for the chilly person), or soundproof headphones with clear sound and computer games. These gadgets will not only make everyday work more pleasant and easier but are also an excellent way to relax and de-stress. For sure, many a programmer would love to see them under their Christmas tree. 

With a festive touch  

Our list also had to include something with a festive accent! A mug that will quickly find its way onto the desk and into the recipient’s heart, perfect for a delicious and aromatic coffee that will give you energy first thing in the morning. How about a jumper? Preferably, of course, with a mega festive print or glowing elements. 😅 It’s the perfect outfit for the wintertime. Admit it yourself: it’s also a very practical gift. Moreover, for the chilly ones, we also recommend thick socks; the more colorful, the better. After all, it’s essential to break up the dullness outside. We must admit that we like this set very much and are sure many Christmas freaks will like it.  

If you like these suggestions, go ahead and use them! Also, let us know what your surefire Christmas gift ideas are for our nearer and further industry friends; we’d love to take them in. Have a wonderful time ❤️