Coronavirus has significantly changed our habits and numerous restrictions limited our everyday activities. However, in those unprecedented times we cannot simply close the doors to our apartments – helping people in need is now more important than ever. That is why You Can Count On Me foundation is working hard to support those who are the most vulnerable in the time of pandemic.

Helping the medical staff is one of our priorities these days, as they currently struggle on only with growing number of coronavirus cases, but also with the shortage of safety equipment. In March foundation started to collect medical gear and equipment that Polish hospitals needed at the moment. Thanks to the numerous contributions from donors as well as support from Ailleron Board and employees, we managed to raise tens of thousands of zlotys. This money was used to purchase surgical masks, face shields, gloves and disinfectants. They were delivered to many hospitals in Poland that reported equipment shortages, including Zeromski Hospital in Cracow, University Hospital in Cracow, Prokocim Hospital in Cracow, hospital in Brzesko, hospital in Kielce, hospital in Nowy Sącz, hospital at Banach Street in Warsaw and hospital in Katowice. Thanks to generous donations You Can Count On Me Foundation can continue actions and events and we can support more and more medical facilities in Poland.

Ailleron has been supporting numerous charity events for years. In 2018 You Can Count On Me foundation started its operation and its main goal is to help those in need and spreading empathetic approach for the less fortunate people. What is more, Foundation also does is best to help animals from local shelters. Our initiatives are extensively supported by Ailleron employees. Support our foundation and get to know our events – visit our website right now: