A little about the situation and expectations of women in the IT industry 

The IT world is a stereotypically male world. This thesis is supported by recent reports that only 15.8% (1) of women work in technology. One could ponder and write a lot about the reasons for this situation, and as many people as there would be so many points of view. That’s why at Ailleron, we focus primarily on explicit actions to improve this state of affairs. We invest in our #AilleronExperts and take care of a good flow of female energy. 🙂 In our activities, we go beyond the patterns and strive for mastery while remembering that professionalism and charisma have no gender.

We invest in #WomanPower in line with our culture and values  

At Ailleron, we dispel stereotypes about our industry. We show that IT is not just programming but many professions and activities for people with different competencies and skills. Our values are based on PARTNERSHIP, PASSION, and MASTERY. We support our #AilleronExperts in their development by building lasting and sincere relationships so everyone feels comfortable and freely in our company. Inclusiveness is also part of our culture, so we create a workplace that welcomes everyone regardless of gender, age or identity. Last but not least, we highlight our experts’ wide range of experience and skills.  

Women at Ailleron hold various positions, such as general managers, team leaders, and experts, and actively share their knowledge and background. To showcase this, we have launched two initiatives – “Many faces of #AilleronExperts” and a series of blog posts dedicated to women “Be yourself, show your #WomanPower in IT”. As we publish more blog articles and posts on social media, we aim to illustrate what women in different positions accomplish. We tell their stories of entering the industry, discuss their development paths, and ask about their biggest challenges. We hope to inspire other women who are at the stage of life changes or making important career choices. However, we don’t stop here; we want to do more. The idea of a unique recognition program was born from this passion, energy, and vision. 

Dolce Vita…a few words about our new program  

About a third of our employees are women and work in various departments, including internal ones, testers, programmers, and managers. Meanwhile, Ailleron employees, regardless of gender or age, are allowed to follow their dream career paths without limitations. As part of our efforts to celebrate our female experts, we launched a program called IT’s #WomanPower. Through this initiative, nearly 30 of our female colleagues enjoyed a weekend in the charming town of Calabria, Italy. The trip started on March 8 for a good reason, and we couldn’t have dreamed up a better date and gift from our employer. The superiors selected the participants based on, among other things, their commitment to work, projects, or cooperation with clients.   

In addition to the obvious appreciation, this initiative aims to integrate and build bonds between female employees, which, after all, directly translates into cooperation on a professional level. Our ambition is to be the employer of first choice for the fair sex, open to new challenges, and ready to pass on their unique cooperation and management style. We want to build Ailleron’s success together and will consistently strive to achieve our vision.   

This time, we appreciate the brave women who need it in our industry. Still, our corporate values and all other well-being or development programs are as inclusive and universal as possible. We are far from propaganda trends, discrimination, or ideological disputes, providing a good space for creating the best IT solutions. 

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