Are you looking for a job as Angular Developer? To get your dream job you need to attend an interview that consist of multiple tasks and questions on Angular framework. What are the most important concepts you may have to explain during the meeting? What problems may await you in a practical part of recruitment processSee the most common Angular questions and recruitment tasks and find your dream job in IT.

Recruitment questions on Angular: what to expect during the interview?

Angular interview may differ depending on the type of the position a candidate is applying for. However, there are many definitions and issues that can be brought up in the conversation regardless of candidate’s experience. Those basic Angular definitions include lazy loading, NgModule, singleton, Tree Shaking, Ivy and Guards – they can be especially useful for junior developers.

Still, definitions are not enough to impress the recruiters. Usually they choose to ask a candidate some other Angular questions on:

  • Sharing data between Angular components,
  • Component life cycle
  • Description of Angular architecture
  • DOM tree manipulation
  • Testing components and services
  • TypeScript features relevant for the particular offer

Common Angular interview questions for beginners also include indication of differences between two similar, but different concepts used in the framework. If that task appears during the recruitment process, the candidate usually has to differentiate between <button value=”…”> and <button [value]=”…”><ng-template, <ng-content> and *ngIf ; or Promise and Observable. Those nuances are a common method of verifying the knowledge of a prospective employee and his attention to details.

Angular interview: what recruitment tasks you may expect?

Angular recruitment tasks can include nearly all the problems originating from web development. However, the exact questions may depend on the project a candidate wants to join. Still, there are a few types of test problems that appear during a majority of Angular interviews. Those are mostly used to assess the knowledge of junior developers.

The basic recruitment task related to Angular includes finding the solutions to a problem present in an app. That type of question may involve optimization of the program, improvement of its performance or securing the paths. During an Angular interview, junior programmers may be obliged to create a form. Their senior colleagues can face the problem of validators or dynamic component creation.

Angular recruitment process: what additional advantages should you have?

The greatest additional advantage you can have during an Angular interview is the knowledge of the technologies used in the web development. Usually recruiters require candidates to have some experience with TypeScript. Other programming tools, such as Node.js or SpringBoot, are also valuable. Questions on Karma, Jasmine and Jest are common, too.

The list of requirements does not end here. In most of the cases candidates should also be familiar with English language, as it is very popular in an international environment many IT companies work in. Every language certificate will become a huge advantage for a prospective employee. Other extracurricular certificates are also valuable, and so are self-made projects – those are one of the best methods of confirming candidate’s qualifications.

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