Communication is the key to success. It was proven to be useful not only in relation between business partners, but also between members of a given organization. That is why we care so much about constant, internal dialogue between our Board and employees.

All our colleagues value efficient information flow and opportunities to get some more answers from the Board scattered all around the world. There is no obstacle, including remote work and various time zones, that could stop us from attending All Hands Meetings. Those conferences are our chance to get a closer look at the condition of the company we all work for. It is also a chance to get the latest news regarding particular projects, get the answers to mind-boggling questions or even ask our Board members how they are feeling and joke about burned Californian scrambled eggs.

History of All Hands Meetings

For a long time videoblogs was our main mean of communication between our Board and employees. It was made to keep all of our experts updated all the time. After we had switched to remote work, we realized that this form of getting in touch with our colleagues had become obsolete, as those short videos gave us no change to answer arising questions. Thus, we wanted to find a new solution.

By the end of March, we managed to organize the very first videoconference held by Ailleron Board. In the first part of the meeting we were told how the company had prepared for remote work and what steps had been taken to secure both its employees and partners. Then our managers discussed the conditions of particular teams and divisions. At the end of the meeting all the employees had a chance to share their questions via chat and Q&A feature. This initiative was proven to be extremally successful, as hundreds of our experts decided to join us during the conference.

In April All Hands Meeting was held for the second time. This time it also attracted hundreds of our employees. Its agenda was similar to the previous one: we had a chance to take a closer look at the condition of particular divisions and we could learn how our work would look like in the weeks to come.

All Hands Meeting – what’s next?

Communication with our employees does not end when the conference ends. After the connection is over we upload a video made during All Hands Meeting for those who could not join us online. We only have one rule: we always stick to the schedule, even though there are a lot of questions arising during the conference. We cannot answer them all immediately, but be do our best to do so at our Sharepoint.

We do not fear feedback!

All Hands Meeting is an initiative made for our employees – that is why we want to know their opinion. After the conference ends, we always send them questionnaires to fill, so everyone could share their thoughts anonymously. It is another chance for our meetings to improve!

What can we find in those questionnaires? We are usually given a constructive criticism that help us get better at what we do. Thanks to those opinions, each and every All Hands Meeting is better than the previous one. The answers also show that we all deeply care about those meetings.

All Hands Meetings: more than just a discussion

We cannot deny that the main goal of our meetings is to keep our employees updated. Still, there is more to the discussion than meets the eye. All Hands Meetings are also an opportunity for the employees to engage in company’s life, create a unique atmosphere and new relationships. Those are the benefits that we value most. Even though we all work form our own homes, we still feel a part of our community!