For many years Ailleron have been supporting the readers by publishing Polish editions of interesting or ground-breaking books. This year it was decided that the latest publication by Peter Diamandis called “The Future Is Faster Than You Think” deserves that title. Thanks to our cooperation with Poltex publisher, this book will soon have a chance to secure its spot on your bookshelves.

Books powered by Ailleron

We work at the crossroads of science and technology. We are passionate about what we do. Furthermore, we also seize every opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise in the field even with those who are not directly involved in it. That is why a few years ago we decided to bring foreign books on science and technology to Poland to translate them and deliver them to a wider audience.

This year our choice of books has more meaning than ever before. It is because “The Future Is Faster” is one of the publications that shape our perception of the world from the very first page.

“Diamandis shows perfectly the transformation and — as he calls it — the revival of subsequent economic sectors — from shopping to advertisements and entertainment, education to healthcare. Each of those fields will be completely transformed. Even today we can see it with the naked eye” says Rafał Styczeń, CEO of Ailleron. The latest book by Diamandis shows a wide range of ideas and solutions tested in subsequent companies, even for those familiar with technology. It is worth reading about them to shape our ideas about the future that awaits us. The future that, as Diamandis claims, is faster than we think.

What’s so special about “The Future is faster”?

Peter Diamantis is an engineer, a physician, and an entrepreneur. He is best known for being the founder and chairman of the X Prize Foundation and the cofounder and executive chairman of Singularity University. Thus, there is no doubt that he has extensive knowledge of science and technology. He is also renowned for his books on the topic, as they all became New York Times Bestsellers.

“My first meeting with Peter Diamandis took place during a conference in San Antonio in 2016, where he was one of the key speakers. His speech inspired me to look at technology in a completely different way,“ says Tomasz Kiser, Ailleron’s General Manger. “At the same time, this was my very first encounter with Peter’s previous book, “Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think”. It changed my entire way of thinking about technology and my future. “The Future is Faster” does the same thing. It is inspirational, insightful and gives us a hint about what our post-pandemic era could look like.”

An extensive guide to the future

The book “The Future Is Faster Than You Think” was one of his creations that was also critically acclaimed. What is more, it was one of the publications that reflected all the unexpected events we had to face this year. Even though its original, English version was published before the pandemic, the book manages to successfully predict all the technological changes that followed. It also sheds some light on what the future may bring. It explains the combination of forces that drive and shape the modern world — even though we sometimes choose not to be aware of them.

The book by Peter Diamandis has gained several positive comments from both readers and experts in the field of technology and science. By the end of 2020, it was called “the first book to thoroughly map this new territory” and “a fantastic guidebook for leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs”. It offers “a powerful vision of the future” and “inspiring examples of incredible people doing incredible things”. You will have a chance soon to check whether those comments are true, thanks to the Polish edition of the book powered by Ailleron!